Pokemon GO is Available Now in the UK

Pokemon GO is Available Now in the UK

Pokemon GO releases in another major international market, this time bringing the phenomenon of real-life Pokemon training to the shores of the United Kingdom.

Countless prospective Pokemon trainers were disappointed when Niantic announced that the worldwide rollout of Pokemon GO was set to be delayed as a result of server problems. However, the studio has already started making the game available in other regions.

Yesterday, the game was released in Germany, suggesting that Pokemon GO would be taking over Europe following the enormous success of its initial launch in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Now, that’s seemingly been confirmed, as the title has been made available to players based in the United Kingdom.

Of course, players could already access the game by other means, like logging into the App Store using an account created in the United States or sideloading the app. Making the game officially available across iOS and Android devices certainly simplifies the process, though.

The United Kingdom is yet another country that has a serious soft spot for Pokemon, so Niantic can expect a healthy response to the release of the app. Pokemon GO has already earned more than $14 million, and that number is only going to rise once it’s available to more players.

While the game was developed in the United States, it’s clear that Pokemon GO is intended to be a truly global hit. The property is popular all around the world, but Niantic seems to be going to great lengths to ensure that all regions have the opportunity to get the most out of the experience.

Look at the rumored co-promotion with McDonald’s that was discovered after fans datamined the game’s code. The fast food giant is a perfect partner, because there are golden arches across the majority of locations where Pokemon GO is scheduled to be released, so the maximum amount of players can take part in special events.

It’s one thing for a game to be popular, but Pokemon GO is a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Niantic has a tough task ahead as it attempts to maintain this popularity, but the first week of release has demonstrated that audiences are beyond engaged with the new experience.

Now, the impetus is on Niantic to deliver the game to as many players as possible, so its efforts can shift towards updating the app and adding new content. If the studio keeps up the pace, the game could be available worldwide in a matter of weeks.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: GamesRadar