Pokemon GO European Rollout Starts Today in Germany

Pokemon GO European Rollout Starts Today in Germany

The Pokemon GO application officially launches in the country of Germany, leading many to speculate that a full European release will come later this week.

Europe has stood idly by while Pokemon GO released in other regions, including the United States and Australia. It appears Niantic is finally preparing to roll out the application Europe-wide, as Pokemon GO has officially touched down in Germany. While it may be hard for other European gamers to watch a close neighbor enjoy the full merits of the game, it’s a great indication that a full European roll out is on the way.

Masses of enthusiastic gamers swarmed to the official German channels of iTunes and the Google Play Store now that Pokemon GO has been made official. Prior to this, German trainers who succumbed to the Pokemon GO craze have been stuck finding versions of the game unintended for that region, a process which has prevented the majority of German gamers from joining in on the fun. Despite region-locking setbacks like this, the game has been a massive hit worldwide, earning Niantic over $14,000,000 before the game has even hit every region.

The game hasn’t launched in the rest of Europe yet, so it seems like Germany is the European testing ground ahead of the full-fledged release, which will likely occur later this week. Players from the United Kingdom pondering whether Brexit will impact the European launch of Pokemon GO also need not worry, as it looks like they are included in this roll out – which makes sense, especially since they are still a part of the European Union for the time being.

Those who had downloaded an APK file from a different region in order to access the game early shouldn’t worry about losing their save information, as many German early birds have confirmed that their data has remained safe. It looks like player data is stored on Niantic servers, which means as long as players use the same login account, progress they’ve made from the early APK file releases will still remain once gamers are able to download their proper version of the game.

For those German gamers who are new to the fray, we recommend reading up on how to use Pokestops and how to catch rare Pokemon. The Pokemon gyms of Germany are already held by early bird gamers, so those who waited for the official release have some catching up to do!

Gamers should also take extra precautions to stay safe when playing the game, especially considering some tech-savvy criminals have already used the application to rob several people.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS devices in select regions.

Source: VG 24/7